A Tiny Ray of Light for Those Who Are Often Ignored

 We desperately wanted to provide aid to those who were struggling not just to makes ends meet but to even live.

– Elizabeth Packard


According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the homeless population in San Diego is now the fourth-largest in the country, and nearly 48 percent of the people in that population have nowhere to sleep except the streets. Not far behind San Diego is the city of Las Vegas. In fact, recent reports show that in just the last couple of years, the number has increased to nearly 6,500, making Las Vegas the smallest city of the top 10 cities with the largest homeless populations.

Around the time we started brainstorming solutions to this socio-economic issue, the number of neglected and overlooked people was growing by the week due to the stagnant economy and other changing social factors. After witnessing that this part of the population had little to no resources to help them better their lives or their situations in both of these cities, we were inspired to start the Disability Help Center. We desperately wanted to provide aid to those who were struggling not just to makes ends meet but to even live. We wanted to provide a tiny bit of light for the individuals that society so often ignores.

In its early days, the center served as a free resource center for our community, providing means for housing and food, low-cost or free medical evaluations, access to free clinics, and any other resource that could benefit those in need. Throughout this process, we discovered that a great number of our clients who were disabled or unable to work either hadn’t applied for Social Security Disability Benefits or had applied and were denied. Our advocates and volunteers sprang into action, learning all they could about the application process to determine whether or not a client met Social Security’s guidelines and to help those who came in asking for help navigating the system’s convoluted steps.

While we spent months learning all that we could about the processes, we weren’t prepared for the sheer number of people who would start using us as a resource. We booked an appointment after appointment to help as many people as we could. While it was truly a dream come true for all of us, we immediately saw that we needed more manpower and more training.

At the time, our office did not have legal representatives to assist our clients if they had to go to court, so we referred them to local attorneys in our area. But the feedback we were getting about outside attorneys was hit-and-miss. Many of our clients implored us to find a way for them to stay with us the whole way through the process, including in court. After hearing all these requests, we hired our own in-house legal team.

In the years since we’ve also added an entire department solely dedicated to personal injury representation. So many of our clients have been in accidents through no fault of their own, which left them with physical injuries or mental deficits that aren’t only painful, they leave them unable to work. We assiduously work to find the party at fault and get our clients the guidance, assistance, and compensation they deserve.

Our existing clients know that no matter their problem, they can trust us to find a solution. Our list of housing, medical, psychological, and family resources grows every month, and when it comes to obtaining a personal injury settlement or disability benefits, our legal team is unrivaled. You won’t find another place with such caring and compassionate case managers or with legal representatives who fight every day to ensure those in need get the care that has been denied them for years. If you know anyone who could benefit from our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.


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