Motorcycle accident San DiegoIf you or a loved one has been hurt in a motorcycle accident in San Diego, talking to a motorcycle accident lawyer is your best option. Most motorists are unaware that the number of motorcycles on the road is increasing, both in our state and across the U.S. Unfortunately, drivers are less likely to notice 2-wheeled vehicles and accidents are becoming more common.

Even if you have the best medical insurance available, it’s unlikely that your bills will be 100% covered. Sadly, medical care is extremely expensive, and it can leave your family struggling to get by. This is especially true if you are unable to work because of the accident. In order to recover money to pay for your medical bills and other damages, speak to a motorcycle accident attorney at the Disability Help Center in San Diego. We’ll fight with diligence and dedication to win your case.

What We Can Do for You

Accident Rescue San DiegoDespite the difficulties involved in a motorcycle accident injury, there are several ways that victims can get motorcycle accident help in order to pay for the many damages.

Neck and brain injuries are the most common among bikers. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, it’s important to be checked by a medical professional, regardless of how you feel. Many injuries don’t appear until later when your body has time to recover from the adrenaline shock. It might seem silly, but seeking medical attention even if you feel fine is always the safest option. It’s also the best way to make sure you’ll have evidence to present in court.

Also, never trust the insurance company. They may claim to be on your side, but really they’re just looking out for their own best interests. Their main job is to pay out as little as possible for your injuries. If you try to handle them by yourself, you may be subject to intimidation tactics in order to force you into settling. However, a motorcycle accident settlement with the insurance company is not your only option. The attorneys at the Disability Help Center in San Diego have the knowledge and skills needed to successfully litigate your California motorcycle accident case. We’re dedicated to recovering the money you need to pay for damages related to the collision. As a motorcyclist, you deserve the same respect and courtesy as other motorists, so we’ll fight to obtain the compensation you deserve. Don’t be a victim twice. Fight back against the insurance company’s piddly offer with the help of an experienced and dedicated lawyer.

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Whether you call us today at 1-888-418-8860 or contact us online, your initial case evaluation will always be free. If we agree to take on your case, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means we don’t get paid unless we win your claim. Motorcycle injury cases often take months or even years to settle or go to court, so it would be unfair for us to charge by the hour. By allowing you to pay us a percentage of your winnings, we put you in a better position to be successful.